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Some pain is too painful to touch directly. It is normal, and often healthy, for us to build up defenses to protect ourselves from overwhelming vulnerability and emotional pain, just as our bodies would grow a scab over a physical wound. However, in the longer term, these same defenses sometimes also stand in the way of our healing. Rather than directly challenge these defenses by trying to touch the pain or trauma directly, at Healing Hooves we realize that a more indirect, or ‘one step removed’ approach, can often be much more effective and appropriate to reaching our most vulnerable children.

One way of doing this is through stories. At Healing Hooves we have been using carefully chosen stories to do this work for many years and often have parents take these stories home to read to their children again and again. We have also written many stories of our own where we were unable to find a book that explored what we wanted to explore, or where we simply preferred to have the story be about a horse!

After years of sharing these stories with our clients we have been persuaded to share them with a wider circle.

Thus the adventures of Cutie, Skye, Disa and the rest of the Healing Hooves Herd are now available for you to purchase and share with your children and clients. We hope that you will find them as healing, touching, and at times highly amusing, as hundreds of children – and their parents - have found at Healing Hooves.

Other resources available include a wide range of articles, brought together into one book, aimed at parents/ caregivers and at professionals, students and volunteers working in or learning about the field.


About the Author

Sue McIntosh
SueMcIntosh Cremona, AB, Canada
Sue McIntosh is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and nationally recognised and certified trainer in Animal assisted therapy (AAT) and Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW). Sue has operated Healing Hooves in Alberta, Canada since 2000, a counselling program with a difference. Sue is also a homeschooling mother of two and works with other parents and caregivers to support them in raising their children in developmentally informed and attachment friendly ways. Sue uses lots of stories in her work and is starting to be persuaded to share these stories with a wider audience. Sue has also written a large collection of training materials for caregivers and professionals interested in the fields of AAT and EFW, some of which are also available for purchase.

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