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Welcome to my 2012 "Miniscapes" book featuring honey jar labels and holiday cards created over a span of 15 years. Conceived as a one-time project. in 1993, I created an original piece of artwork for the front of a honey jar to celebrate the Jewish New Year. I had no idea that I was starting a mini tradition of sorts.
Honey is given as a gift on this holiday to symbolize a sweet New Year. I thought this would be a clever way to make my New Year's gifts personal. In most cases the images portray my daughter, myself and originally our cat Ming and subsequently our new addition of the Calvin RIP and then Rosy.
The original illustrations are about 10" x 14". They are essentially mixed media: markers, oil pastel and pencils and in two cases the addition of digital imagery - always in different combinations. Each "Miniscape" is a reduced original digital copy individually hand-painted with gold and silver pens. The sheet is then cut with shearing scissors to give the edges a zig-zag finish. After, the mini art is glued onto Strathmore paper with a coloured decal edge. Each artwork is autobiographical and includes glimpses of my personal alphabet and symbolic imagery.My life has always been depicted and reflected in my imagery and since the death of my father in 2008, it has become even more apparent. They have become my illuminated manuscripts.


About the Author

Susan Shulman
Susan Shulman studied at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Montreal, the Saidye Bronfman Center For The Arts, & received a BFA with distinction from Concordia University. As painter & visual artist, Susan has been prolific in creating bodies of work in both traditional & non-traditional art forms. over the last several years she has gone on to explore connecting her individual creative processes through social media platforms. Her art has been at the forefront of many unique art projects, notably the world wide art movement “A Book About Death”, in the co-creation of the virtual studio space “Seeking Kali” and the exquisite corps blog “Metaclimb”. To date, Susan has had 11 solo exhibitions & her art has been displayed in over 30 galleries locally and abroad. Her recent works have been exposed in, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Croatia, India, Italy, Serbia, the United Kingdom & the USA. “The greatest accomplishment of being an artist is to create, explore, challenge and share one’s creativity"

Publish Date  November 23, 2012

Dimensions  Small Square  70 pgs Premium Paper, lustre finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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