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This book is a collection of photographs with scriptures to tell the story of Israel as told through the Bible. The Land is the place that God gave Israel as an inheritance. In modern terms we call the land Israel, then it was called the promise land and promised to Israel’s seed when Moses led them from Egypt. The scriptures tell us that His people are the apple of His eye. The promise that God gave to Abraham is "He would bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you." Gen12:3 This blessing would be for Abraham's natural seed and his spiritual seed.

The hope of this work is that all will see the blessings given to Israel because of this promise, and all will come to understand the will of God concerning Israel as a nation and a people. We must stop looking at what man desires as a solution for Israel and begin searching out God's plan for Israel. God's plan is not to be found in the thoughts or the heart of man, but in the Spirit of Holiness that came as a promise of His love to all who believe in the one whom He sent to as a redeemer, His son Yeshua.


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Norm Schmidt
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