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This book features the poems, thoughts and short tales of writers Langley Porter and Angelica Donellan. In their hearts, they are Children with the purest, most innocent friendship ever formed. Yet because they live in a world full of Grown Ups who judge wrongly that such a bond cannot exist, they visit the Friendship Tree as often as they can, climbing high up into its strong boughs, keeping it alive with the Letters, Poems, Thoughts and Tales. We have created this book, so that we can share words that speak of pure friendship – words that must not be judged or used for any purpose other than the purest of reasons. These words are of two writers, shared with the world, for every man, woman and child to have as their own. To understand them fully, you must also take time to read ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint Exupery. By opening the Door to The Friendship Tree, the writers hope to Inspire all Grown Ups to leave their judgements at the door. May All Who Enter one day plant their own Friendship Trees, to nourish and cherish them and the lifetime of Awe and Wonder that such a friendship can bring. The Friends – inspired deeply by their love of the Ocean and the novel ‘The Little Prince’ – welcome to you enter their Friendship Tree with Kindness and an Open Heart. So … How did you get here? Did you stumble in, accidentally on purpose? However you arrived, we are glad you came and hope you enjoy the magnificent view from the Beautiful Friendship Tree. We encourage you to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ The Friendship Tree, to plant new seeds, and to watch the wave of Innocent Child-Like Friendship sweep across the world like the ocean sweeps gently across the sandy floor.


About the Author

Langley Porter
dreamscape1 Garfield, Victoria, Australia

Having taken photographs for the last 28 years, I have now ventured into the depths beneath the waves. I had captured most of what there was to above water in so far as subject types were concerned, and I needed to take the next step. I gained my open water diving licence in January 2010, and armed with a camera in a waterproof housing, I have gone on to capture many images. Some of those are found in my latest book, along with my advice on camera setup based on what I have played with in the last 12 months, that has enabled me to obtain satisfactory and consistent results. Photography is a great medium, and even greater when you are behind the lens and are the one capturing the images seen.

Publish Date  November 28, 2012

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  180 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Poetry

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