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Here I am again, this time, flying Egypt Air from Rome. No monitor informs me just how close I am to the ground. To the pyramids? But the same excitement and some nostalgia fill my heart. Dazed, with knees that don’t want to bend, I climb down the stairs of the plane and board the shuttle bus. I am still caught up in a reverie of memories and of hope. The bus pulls up at the airport gate and brakes with a lurch, sending passengers every which way. Its automatic doors whoosh open, sucking in the real Egypt Air, delivered in a dust-laden gust on this warm November evening. A potpourri of scents, not altogether pleasant, greets me. Diesel fuel and cumin. Is that possible? Oh yes, I am reminded, anything is possible in Cairo.

What I did not know those many years ago when I left Egypt was that I was to be granted many more mornings of light in the country that I had grown to love. Egypt was to claim my daughter Bernadette’s heart and eventually bless our lives with Nadim, my Scottish-Egyptian son-in-law. When it was time to leave Egypt in 1999, I thought my heart would break. But Allah is good. It was as if life placed in my hands and tied around my heart, a long unbreakable cord that would pull me back to the Nile over and over again. And so I continued to write. “Afternoon of Honey” is the sequel to my first book about Egypt – “Morning of Light.”


About the Author

Ginda Simpson
Ginda1221 Italy

Ginda has been a painter and a writer for three decades - and a dreamer forever... She is married, has three daughters and five grandchildren.

Ginda lived in Egypt from 1993 to 1999, during which time she painted over 100 paintings of Egypt and the Egyptian people. Many of these were reproduced in her first book, "Morning of Light - an Egyptian Journal."

Ginda currently lives in Italy where she continues to write and to paint. Look for her book "Italian Wanderlust" which celebrates not only the hotels of "Rooms with a View," but also the landscapes, the food, the traditions and the festivals of Italy. Order a copy as a companion to this book.

Publish Date  November 29, 2012

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  120 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Travel

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