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The perfect companion to The Splenidiferous Spillage of the Cartoon Wizard and the Color Witch, This book gives the young readers and their parents and teachers 'pre-made' spills and the instructions on how to make their own so they can launch their imaginations into the world of drawing and painting.


About the Author

Paul and Theodocia
paulreynolds Winnemucca,/Kealia, NV/HI, USA

The Color Witch, Theodocia (Teddy) Swecker, and The Cartoon Wizard, Paul Reynolds,have been artists,writers and teachers for over 40 years and friends for over 20 years.
Since developing the original concept for the Witch and Wizard, Teddy and Paul have continued to identify ways to use their ‘alter-egos’ to teach and help children explore the world of drawing ,painting and writing.
Their example shows children that the creative process is a true dance between the world of the formless and form, light and dark, chaos and order,feminine and masculine, rules and no rules.

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