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Tashi Delek! During the summer of 2007 I spent one month traveling across the Tibetan areas of Qinghai and Sichuan. Few months later the access to these areas has been denied to non-Chinese citizens. The photographs in this book are my attempt to describe the feeling I had traveling there. The unique atmosphere of this wonderful country, the spirituality of the Buddhism and all the symbols and colors of the religion, the friendly and very relaxed people always smiling and praying, the beautiful landscapes with amazing and breathtaking views.
When I've been back to Italy, people asked me to talk about this trip, but I had problems to find the right words to describe what I saw and what I felt. Tibet is a different world with different rules. The only thing I can do is to show my photographs in silence.


About the Author

Giorgio Fochesato
gioadventure Italy
Giorgio Fochesato studied Information Technology and Software Engineering. The curiosity towards the World emerge after the study when he left his first job to travel alone all around Australia and New Zealand with his backpack. The passion for photography becomes an activity during year 2006 when he began to sell Royalty Free pictures. In the first two years of activity he had customers from all over the world: US, UK, Italy, Finland, Norway, Canada, Poland, Czech Rep, Germany and Australia. During year 2007 he did his first reportage living in China for one month, in a Tibetan school located at 5000 meters above the sea level, managing the school and taking pictures of the kids living there. He did this job for the Himalayan Seeds Onlus association. He speaks Italian, German, English and Spanish and has been in: Italy, San Marino, Vatican city, Austria, Switzerland, UK, French, Spain, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China and Tibet, Belgium, Malta and Morocco.

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