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The second book of Hiroko Sakai, Japanese artist in San Francisco.

In this book, Hiroko has weaved some stories of her surreal experiences in the last decade in San Francisco with her beautiful artworks, which had started in dark chaos and lead her to where she is standing now.
This book would give you new inspiration of strength in your life.

-You know, if somebody's getting depressed in life, I would say, "Look at me". I've got here believing in me. Sometimes, things do not go as you expected and you could feel as if you were ruining everything. But Everything can be only the path to get to the success of your dream. You can not fail until you give up. As long as you keep going, you are on the path for your success.


About the Author

Hiroko Sakai
hiroko_sf San Francisco, CA, USA
Hiroko Sakai is a Japanese artist, and has been living and working in San Francisco California since 1998. The intense passion that she conveys in her art has inspired deep expressions of emotion in viewers over the years. Website :

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