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When I published this I did not think it would do as well as it has, nor had I any idea that I was related to this Scots poet until after his death. In his will, he entrusted me to republish this work and bequeathed his other manuscripts into my care.

"Sometimes eloquent, clearly heartfelt, the revival of these works by O Siadhail are a welcome addition to the collection of late century Scots poetry. The quality of McKiltscript's work is as variable as the Scottish weather. One moment we are basking in his literary sunshine and yet the next he drowns us with a shower."


About the Author

Andrew Shiels
andyphoto Ireland

"Paradoxically, Shiels the artist appears to live in some kind of Panglossian dystopia, almost completely bereft of comprehension." Princess Rustina of Rustonia

"If most people knew that he spends a good deal of each day pretending to be a horse, perhaps they might view his work with a little more understanding." Jenny Saddler (Horse & Mousse)

"Yes, he is an artist of sorts! But nobody can pin down exactly what sort. Most of us just wish he would stop what he is doing. We are constantly suffering his disruptive activities." Blaithnaid Ní Corsette. (The Arts Programme, Radio Rustonia)

"They should never have let him near a camera!" Pond Wader. (Water Hyacinth Gazette)

"At least they've managed to stop him painting. That is some relief while we work on curbing his other efforts." Chris Cloister (International Altos Magazine)

Publish Date  December 05, 2012

Dimensions  Pocket  38 pgs   Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Poetry

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