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In 1995 I began life as an over the road truck driver.
I did so to de-shelf, reorganize, and reinvent my life, my self to find some solitude and time to reflect. I never imagined I would drive over a million miles and in doing so rediscover myself and my first passion - producing works of art.
Trucking isn’t a typical choice for a Fine Art Photographer, but it’s the inspiration for my North American Work.

An excerpt:
This moment of perceived or anticipated increase in visual acuity is what I attempt to capture through the right combination of exposure, fstop, and shutter speed. Having tuned my camera as a musician would her instrument to capture just the right visual note that most but not all would visually listen to and hopefully hear in the same visual tone as I had that night out on the Pacific
Crest Trail waiting for my breathing to settle
and find that moment just between breaths to,


About the Author

Byron Dudley Photography

I am a Fine Art Photographer and writer. I have created numerous books with the Blurb Book Service.

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