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In this photo book I will show you my efforts to capture the light. The light itself has a dazzling speed.
Only a part of it the - reflections or shades - can be hunted and stored for eternity, like the paintings in the Chauvet cave in France.
The pictures are taken by a digital camera in fraction of seconds in sunlight. The moonlight pictures have exposures of several minutes.
In the end are some analogue pictures on color film. The pinhole picture has en exposure of several seconds and is made by a camera with only a tiny hole, like the camera obscura.
From slow light under the Dutch skies to fast light in the old ages. The birth of light.
The only objective is to catch the light, because we can't overtake it. Till now there is now way to escape from light. Total darkness doesn't exist thanks to Higgs.

Amsterdam december 2012

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