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Recipes from baking and grilling, to appetizers, meals, and side dishes passed down from the family! 1st Edition of the basics it takes to cook and more. Listed ingredients, step-by-step instructions, final dish picture, and note taking sections per recipe.


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Tiffany Kaminski
TiffanyTexas Dallas, TX
The inspiration for my first books was out of frustration of not having compiled family recipes that have been passed down generation after generation, and recording the basics of cooking for the average person. Don't want to lose out on a great meal just because someone didn't write down how to make it! Not everyone can cook without detailed step-by-step instructions and measurements - that is what I have brought into my books. From full lists of ingredients and measurements needed, to step-by-step instructions and a crisp picture of the final dish, these books have it all. Also included is note-taking sections on each page per recipe in case you want to jot down your own twist on a recipe. Most recipes in the 1st Edition are basics, but there are also cultural Colombian, American, and Mexican recipes included taken from family recipes and a few recipes shared by friends. Enjoy!

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