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Evocative and timeless fine art black and white photographs from Ireland, Italy, Canada, the United States and Cuba that reveal the eternal spirit and beauty of the land while focusing on our relationship with the eternal. Included is a fitting collection of quotations, proverbs and poetry ranging from the transient to the transcendental.

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"All that remains of a formidable castle is a crumbling ruin overgrown with vines and moss; sunrise illuminates morning fog drifting silently through a valley in an instant that will exist only once in time; a mountain is gradually devoured by wind and water leaving behind sediment that is already becoming something new. These are photographs that highlight the beauty of each fleeting moment in a world of continuous change – this cyclical and transitory nature of existence binds everything in the material world." -Bret Culp


About the Author

Bret Culp
bret Toronto, ON, Canada

Bret Culp's iconic black and white photographs convey the beauty of impermanence, the central theme of his work. Through his diverse travels Bret seeks scenes of a transitory nature. From the ruins of Ireland, to a 9000-year-old cave town in southern Italy, to the mist-covered hills of Tuscany during the harvest – his poetic vision is akin to scenes from a film. It should then not be a surprise that Bret is also a Director and award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor, having contributed to more than 40 feature films, mini-series, and television shows, including Camelot, The Tudors, IMAX: Hubble 3D, Silent Hill and Fly Away Home.

The recipient of numerous awards and honours, Bret's photographs have been shown in solo, juried and special event exhibitions in galleries and museums in Canada, the United States and abroad. His work is held in public and private collections.

Bret was born in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. He studied Film and Photography at Ryerson University in Toronto.

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