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A collection of poems and musings I started when I was 13. Painful to write and painful to read some of it again but here it is - out there for you to dive into and find your own sense of self, in another's pain.

I asked my friends if I should let this book into the world - a couple of replies:

"You release it to the world, without a shadow of a doubt. What I saw I liked very much. There are lessons to be learned there Naomi, and a sense of release will follow if you let others into your world that little bit. Get this out there and be proud of what you have done, I think it’s amazing that you have done this."

"you release it to the world hun (sitting here crying...) ….and I want a copy!"

"My opinion? Honestly? It's great. Poetry is always intensely personal to the poet and even the most empathic reader may not share exactly the same emotions that inspired the poet. However, when coupled with your beautiful photos, the result is stunning. I find your photos evocative anyway, and some are breathtaking! marry the words and the photos, and you're taking your reader on a journey.

For myself, I'd say let it out into the world. It's your child, you've nurtured it and made it as good as you can make it. Now let it fly!

Even if only your friends and relatives buy it, you've ACCOMPLISHED something, you're a published poet and photographer!

Go for it, Naomi. Let your words fly"

So here it is World! It's going to be like opening my diary.... but if Bridget Jones can do it.. then so can I.

The softcover option does not have the inside sleeve with my summary and foreword.


About the Author

BlueCrow7 York, UK
Um... what to say? Nothing in my world is real... The meaning of everything... Is the meaning I give it... I am who I say I am... And my experiences are what I say they are... Does that cover it? Have a look on my website, that should give you a better idea

Publish Date  October 22, 2008

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  40 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Poetry

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