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International photojournalist David Alexander Bjorkman documents the anti-war protests and marches during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), from the inside using the Re-create 68 Alliance as his focal point.

The Re-create 68 Alliance was formed in January 2007 in anticipation that the 2008 Democratic National Convention (DNC) would be held in Denver, Colorado. The principals, Mark and Barbara Cohen, Larry Hales and Glenn Spagnoulo, all experienced political activists, had known each other from previous work done with oppressed communities. Their goal was to plan peaceful, nonviolent protests that would give voice to views that might run counter to the political establishment. To this end, they started meeting as a group in March 2007.

David Bjorkman contacted them asking permission to photograph their activities and began attending their planning meetings in early July. He wanted to show the process of protest and to focus on their view from the streets.

"The DNC inside the Pepsi Center was totally scripted. It was a musical production with everyone reciting their lines," says one observer. "There was no concern, whatsoever, about what was going on outside. Nobody wanted to acknowledge that there was confrontation. The only time they did acknowledge this fact was when there was potential for confrontation between the police and the Iraq Veterans Against the War. The Obama handlers didn't think scenes of war veterans being gassed and arrested would look good on the evening news, so finally, reluctantly, they sent a representative out to meet with them. The media downplayed these activities with disdain and ridicule. I found this ironic because a substantial percentage of those delegates and media managers attending the DNC, at one time or another in a distant past, had themselves been out in the streets demonstrating. It was as if their protests, their voices, were important, but now, these new voices, were not."

Here are the voices from the streets of the DNC.

A YouTube slideshow from "PROTEST!" can be seen at:

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