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A collection of photographic works 2004 - 2008

I was asked a few years ago how I would define my photography. I never thought of myself as a photographer until that moment, but without even thinking I answered “framed landscapes”.

I have been taking photographs since I was a very young boy. I always played around with my brother’s Nikon and used to burn half the film before I got a good result. I decided to learn it more in depth, so I sat down and read every manual I could get my hands on and tried all sorts of things until I got my first photograph the way I wanted it.

During my military service years I took my camera everywhere I could and photographed the desert and the empty plains I passed through, and this is where I discovered my passion for landscape photography. Most of these photographs got lost or destroyed, but I was able to find a few that I scanned in low-res format. I wanted to incorporate some of them in this book as an anecdote, and also as a reference to where I started my journey, but after testing the layout, I decided it does not fit the setup and left them out for a future project.

I discovered that the photographed landscape itself is not enough though - it must have a meaning within the overall frame of the photograph, or else it gets lost within itself, as it has no story to tell and nothing to frame it as a whole. I discovered that in order to impose a meaning, even the grandest landscape must have a direction to take, a road to follow and it must allow the viewer to transcend beyond the photograph itself and be drawn into its deepest hidden meaning. Like a poem.

This is what I attempt with my work.

In the making of this book I have gone through every photograph I have ever taken in the past years and discovered more scenic shots than anything else. I guess this is my real passion. I also like portraits, but those must (in my mind) be surrounded by something defined and not just circumstantial. There has to be a reason for the face to be there - a frame that completes and compliments the person staring at you from the page. Still my greatest love is for the big empty spaces. I think it is because they face a challenge to me, as it is in my eyes the most difficult thing to photograph and make sense of without some type of body to scale the scene. And I like challenges.

Since it is impossible to put all my photos in one book, the work presented in this book is a collection of different photos from the past 4 years. They represent different placed and different times. They do not have a strict common denominator per-say, but they all reflect what I call – the desire to frame.

And without more ado, I do hope you find this collection as inspiring and fulfilling as the process of creating it was for me.


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Orr Nir
orrnir Israel

Publish Date  October 26, 2008

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Category  Arts & Photography

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