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Curtis Carmen Davis has composed a wondrous collection of floral images put together of nothing but the iris flower. Each image conveys a message, much akin to the messages the golden winged goddess of the same name, Iris, the goddess of the sky and the sea and messenger of Olympus, delivered between Gods and mortals. Whether that message be a universal truth such as beauty, peace, power, awe, creativity, or love or a particular element, the messages await the viewer in the pages of this little book. I find in nature an uncanny solace and great inspiration and invite others to partake of nature's solitude.

***Printed on standard, semi-matte finish paper with an 80# paper weight.***


About the Author

Curtis Carmen Davis
zero_of_nine Clarksville, TN, USA
Curtis Carmen Davis is a photographer who creates unadulterated images from what is seen in nature. He has a particular emphasis in his work on all things in nature and all things organic. His work has been exhibited from West to Middle Tennessee and may be seen at He lives in Clarksville, T.N. with four cats, October, Scream, Ghostpaw, and Morpheus and two dogs, Pepper and Silverjack. His lifelong sidekick is David W. Shelton.

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