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SYNCHRONY - simultanious action, development, or occurrence. Another term for Synchronicity; the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernable caual connection - originally coined in the 1950s by C.G.Jung.

This book is a tribute to the genre and master of Reportage photography and the "decisive moment" of chance events - Henri Cartier-Bresson. These seeming chance events have meaning or narrative in the instant of the camera capture. This genre of photography is also called "street photography," but is not random or shoot-from-the-hip. The act of shooting people in this mode is much like hunting prey or delicate butterfly - quietly, with anticipation and readiness, anticipating the moment to unfold.

Catching these decisive moments, seen and composed as an artist, result in a certain wonderment about the flow of time, discreet durations of time, time and the eternal, the finite and the infinite.


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Alfred Bolch, Jr
CalebofAva Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Published November 17, 2008
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Published October 31, 2008
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Published October 29, 2008
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