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Janne Parviainen

-Painter of the new landscape

Janne Parviainen has created a personal painting technique, that
reflects the urban and technology centered life of today.

His most common subjects are city environments and nature landscapes.

Parviainen paints on old, used windows with his mixed technique that
involves oil colour, metal leaves and permanent markers.

Working on both sides of the glass, he can produce a very strong
feeling of depth and space into his paintings.

As a historical element, the old window panes create an story of their
own; life has been observed through the windows countless times
before, in their previous use. The metal leaves presenting the sky,
with their luminosity and reflections, emphasize the paintings
technology-influenced appearance and so on distract it from the traditional nature

On paintings of Janne Parviainen the train yard represents the city
and its' emotional concept. For todays city person, Finnish national
landscape is no longer a top-of-the-hill view opening to a summery
lake, but an constructed urban view, place where you can associate
with your history, actions and memories. Even the shadiest of
environment can be seen beautiful if you have warm memories
surrounding it. You don't see an ugly bus stop, you see a place where
you sat with your first love.

The view of the painting reaches the train yard from distance, like as
an snapshot through a window. The wiewer of the painting can only
assume the presence of people, they are not visible. The Train yard is presented
as self-indulgent and process-like.

The Train yard is always on the move, freights are coming and going.
Through the rails opens a connection to the entire world. Graffitis
and logos that appear on paintings, bring to the picture an immaterial
message, that freight trains and containers are transporting.
On the nature paintings of Janne Parviainen the feeling of
self-sufficient space is similar as in his urban subjects.

Rugged, untamed forest and riverside views are shaped by nature,
totally unaffected by human hand.

The view of the painting focuses on long branches of trees reaching
against the sky, while at the same time, trying to see even deeper
into the forest. The nature view can also be interpreted as a state of
mind, an inner feeling. The space, silence and stillness in the
painting create a sanctuary for the mind; a place where you can rest
your mind.


About the Author

Janne Parviainen
mustavili1 Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

Publish Date  November 01, 2008

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  80 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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