Click to preview A Life Unrehearsed {My Life In Pictures}  Volume 1, 2nd Edition photo book

This Photography Book is 178 color-filled pages FULL of inspiring images, and yes, stories.

* This 2ND EDITION * comes after countless requests for a book with more images, more pages! Here it is!

** Note ** My books are currently being sold *wholly at cost* to prospective buyers, readers and all those who will enjoy and be inspired by the images and stories shared within the pages!

With most of the photos, there will be stories and inspiration to go along with the image.
Yes, the images would do well by themselves, that is true. But for the price of a book, why not share the stories? Why not share some personal reflection and inspiration? I personally want the readers of this 2nd Edition to have more than stunning photographs. So much more.

Read below what just a handful of blog-readers are saying about the stunning photography of Bonita Rose:

"This is a breathtaking photo! Absolutely breathtaking. Wow."
"Your pictures are so clear - they are a delight to look at."
"You are a fabulous photographer. Thank you for sharing them!"
"What a lovely photo - simplicity at its best!"
"I came upon your blog today and think it's wonderful! Great photos!"
"Wow! That is a perfect shot!"
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. You are a definite inspiration!!!"
"Wow, I love this picture! You're a great photographer!"


About the Author

Bonita Rose
bonnierose Fargo ND USA
Bonita Rose, a woman nearing the defining age of fifty, inspires others daily on her blog, A Life Unrehearsed. The writer of countless daily musings, she inspires, creates, and meditates daily. Currently, she is working on her first book manuscript - a memoir. Those around her know she is a woman full of life, a woman who believes in happy endings, a woman who believes in the magic of kindness and the power of the written word. She is a friend, daughter, wife, and a mother to her two gorgeous girls, Sara and Bethany. Her many interests include memory-keeping,photography, writing old-fashioned cards and letters, and when she can, singing loudly to her favorite songs when she’s all alone. Bonita is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada. She currently lives with her husband, Greg and their dog, Angel in Fargo, North Dakota. A Life Unrehearsed URL on the web:

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