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The female figure is uniquely attractive due to the woman's skeletal structure and the soft distribution of muscle and fat on the body. The bust, waist, and hips are curvaceously formed to exhibit perfect harmony of shape and form. Life drawings of the female body shape would give me the opportunity to exercise my artistic expression.
This book includes over 72 original pencil sketches of the beauty of female form. Some were drawn with live models, some were drafted and drawn from photographs, and some were adapted from internet images or catalog pictures with imagination and inspiration. Each original pencil sketch was then adjusted, filtered, or transformed through Adobe Photoshop™ for different colors, tones, styles, and effects.
The female body is considered to be the embodiment of sex, beauty, enticement, seduction and persuasive charm; my intention is to faithfully express this beauty and charm with pencil drawings of forms and shapes. Seventy two drawings offered me the opportunity to experiment with various postures, simple or twisting, they all exhibit the beautiful proportion and harmony of the female figure. It is my belief that the female form exhibits the softness and gentle quality of water. Drawing as a way of meditation, while enjoying the beauty of a female form teaches my mind to be patient like the gentle power of flowing water. It can be tedious and repetitive but like water's quiet energy it will conquer the toughness with patience and reward me with the pleasure of a good aesthetic result. I hold this belief that sketching the beauty of the female form will refresh my brain in a positive way. Please enjoy every drawing in this book as a source of inspiration.


About the Author

Po Siu Hsu
paulhsuosu Stillwater, OK, USA
Po Siu Hsu was born in Taiwan and immigrated to USA in 1979. He enjoys mountain hiking, camping, sketching, wood sculpture and cooking. He taught graphic and design studios in landscape architecture program. He is an emeritus professor in Landscape Architecture Program at Oklahoma State University.

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