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Do you ponder about greatness? How to better understand the world around you and ultimately how to contribute to bringing the dynamic principles of leadership and prosperity to the massive global community that hungers to create the best life for themselves, yet to this day don't have real access to the resources of those that have already learned the well-guarded systems to developing and advancing the most high performance entity on earth - YOU. In this book you will learn to soar, playing at your highest level and displaying leadership at any position. Effectively organize your life and prepare for the achievements that will rush in and transform you from ordinary to extra-ordinary. With this book "8 Ways To Be 10 X Better", you will finally change your life and change the world around you for the better; Join the vision & visit:


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L3 Coaching Solutions
Reemz1 Northeast Texas
L3 Coaching Solutions provides life coaching services in effective strategic and related modern methods. Our main focus is to educate and assist college students, veterans and entrepreneurs on methodologies for reaching the high performance model for success. Effectively assist all people that have a desire to identify where they are in life and how they can unlock and perform at their highest level. We work as your partner to develop the best version of you.

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8 Ways to be 10x Better - Self-Improvement pocket and trade book
Published November 21, 2013
8 Ways To Be 10 X Better - Education pocket and trade book
Published March 17, 2013

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