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As long as I've been photographing in the Pacific Northwest, I've encountered fellow photographers who put their cameras away as soon as the gray skies appeared after the rush of Autumn colors. "All the color is gone!" they'll say. I admit I subscribed to the same habit for a while until I realized a couple of things.

One is that photographing a world that wasn't bright and sunny was really fruitful. I got a lot of pictures that I liked, regardless of whether or not you'd call them "Kodak Moments". Besides, I could leave behind most concerns for high contrast subjects. The gray skies provided an even, soft light to work under. Even on cloudless winter days, the sun is so low that it provides pleasing afternoon light almost all day long.

The second thing I discovered is that there is plenty of color out there no matter what the season. True, it's rarely what you'd call "vivid" or "stunning" in the Winter. Instead of the brilliant orange of a sunset, you find the soft ocher of dried grass. In place of the saturated yellow of aspen leaves there is the rich red-brown of spent bracken fern.

The longer I live and photograph in Western Washington, the more I appreciate these subtleties. It's true, the brilliant hues of a Skagit Valley tulip field or a Vermont hillside in October will still turn my head, but so will the unassuming blue-green of a lichen-covered alder tree in December.

I hope you appreciate the photographs on these pages. They are my attempt at presenting the colors from Western Washington that often stop me in my tracks and make me grateful to be surrounded by such richness.


About the Author

Terry Liberty
TerryLiberty Olympia, Washington, USA
Terry Liberty arrived in Washington State in 1975 and immediately fell under the spell of its scenery. During the mid 1990's he bought his first "serious" camera in order to capture both the grandeur and the minutiae of the local natural world. Around 1999 he began to notice and photograph the subtle winter beauty surrounding him in the western part of the state. Since then he has made it an ongoing project to find and capture local winter color. He also enjoys photographing Japanese gardens and raising and photographing bamboo. Terry is retired and lives in Olympia, Washington with his wife, Bonnie who is an avid and skilled photographer. Their dog, Ebony often accompanies them on photo journeys. Cat, Salsa stays at home.

Publish Date  January 30, 2013

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Category  Fine Art Photography

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