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I grew up with the Warner Brothers Speedy Gonzales cartoons, but other than those stereotypes I had little idea what to expect in Mexico. I kind of expected they’d do Mexican food well, such as tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, tamales, burritos, beans, mole, salsa, chicken itza …

No, hang on, I’m getting confused. That should be Chichen Itza, something entirely inedible and rather large that we saw later in our trip. It was built by the Maya people, who incidentally had confidently predicted that the world would end soon after we got home (convenient, as I don’t think our travel insurance would have covered it!).


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Graham Meale
Maharg Australia

Like most of us, Graham Meale spent a good deal of his life hostage to a mortgage. In 2004, at age 47, he realised that there was more to life, got his first passport and began working hard to fill it up. He has travelled extensively in every continent except Antarctica. His goal is to see every nation on Earth that doesn’t have a McDonalds.

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