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"Butterfly Dreams" is the illustrated version of "Poetry Dreams, The Poetic Story Of An Awakening", Xoanxo's first e-book.
Xoanxo, an Artist and a Poet, mixes in this short story, poetry, dialogue, abstract and surreal scenery in a minimalist, spontaneous,expressive and free way. Heavily influenced by twentieth century Art, he mixes many styles, tendencies and genres to offer us his own and unique way of expression. He believes that "Originality" is the sincere expression of oneself and that is what he transmits in his works, raw sincerity, emotion, realism, surrealism, abstraction, minimalism...all part of oneself but at the same time, all deprived of their "isms" to make them unique and very personal.


About the Author

Xoanxo Cespon
Xoanxo The Netherlands

The best definition I was ever given of myself was from my good friend Aziz who once said to me "You are what makes this moment possible". I like that!!! From that view is how I aim to collaborate with my emotions, circumstances, surroundings when living my life. My contribution in the creation of Art works and Writings do not differ on how I approach social relations or any other type of interaction. Sometimes, instinctively, spontaneously, in collaboration with my surroundings, often responding to how they behave in an impulsive, emotional or unconscious way, but sometimes with premeditation and intention to manipulate or to serve my own needs, wants or desires. The process of creating leads me often to disappear as an idea where time ceases to exist and conflicts completely vanish, it is then, when I truly feel I have become "one" with the "moment"...

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