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It was a friend of mine that asked me if I had heard of GOOGLE Earth. This was back in 2007. It was another of many new-fangled technogadget, technologies that once again I had no idea about. I looked it up, followed the steps to download this “thing”. Once I had managed to maneuver through the steps, a 3D animated Earth popped up in the center of my Apple screen.

Fifty years after Sputnik, these little moons finally found there way into our rooftops. There were thousands of little man made gadgets orbiting our blue planet and many had eyes and very good ones at that.

As a citizen of Earth, I was intrigued, as an artist, I was inspired. As I traveled the planet from my cozy home , shades drawn, I saw the world in a new way. From satellite images the world lost perspective. I don’t mean perspective as in view point or philosophy. I mean, literally, perspective. Perspective that I learned at art school. Artistic perspective given to us by the masters , the geniuses in Florence Italy in the fifteenth century, THAT perspective. From miles up there are no visible vanishing points no perspective as Filippo Brunelleschi taught us almost six centuries ago.

I wanted to also evoke a little of Edward Hopper, Edward Hopper from high above that is. With each image I used long shadows to create a bit of the melancholy that is instilled in Hopper’s work.

I decided to make them square, each of the paintings on these pages are two feet square, on wood with acrylic paint. I then came up with a name for them, Plane Air came to me as I was falling asleep, that alpha state just before you drop off completely. I come up with my best ideas during this tiny window of creative meanderings. The play on words is missed by some, but then, that’s the way of art , humor and life itself.

Rey Bustos 2013


About the Author

Rey Bustos
Rey Bustos graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena,Ca. with honors in 1989. He illustrated for many years and now mostly teaches and has fine art exhibits of his paintings. He teaches at the Art Center College of Design. California State University, Los Angeles, and at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. He is also an occasional teacher for the enrichment program at Disney Feature Animation in Burbank,Ca..

Publish Date  March 09, 2013

Dimensions  Small Square  20 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography


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