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I was born in the small town of Birkenhead on the 15th September 1989 into a family that wasn’t to last for very long.

I have grasped onto objects and memories throughout my life because I understand how fragile memories, life and most important, time can be. Growing up as a child I was surrounded by people who loved and adored me but as I grew up those people started to leave me. The pictures and memories I have of these relationships became a part of me.

The images in this book have contrasting subject matters, varying from the everyday life growing up in Birkenhead to scenes of family holiday destinations, evoking personal childhood memories.

The time passed is identified by both the visible social change and by the exteriors of the people and places documented within the pictures. The book raise questions about history, time and memories, memories from one perspective, the perspective of a growing boy who has grasped onto these pictures of the people he once knew and loved.

I have repeatedly asked myself why I have put this group of pictures together and the answer I keep coming up with is - I want to reverse time; I want the people I have lost back but I completely understand that clinging on to pieces of plastic and photographic emulsion will not bring these people back to life – but I can choose how to remember them.

- John-Lloyd George Quayle


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