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"Special Edition" The blueprint of our lives has been drawn yet we have the innate ability to be elevated and create a new map of our world. What we believe is what we achieve. What we achieve is what we design. Find the higher purpose that we have been charged with and connect to the greatest exploration beyond our being; doing what’s achievable yet, unbelievable. What else is there besides this life – a higher purpose? Find the answers in this special edition of the next best selling book "8 Ways To Be 10 X Better." by Rashid Hill


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L3 Coaching Solutions
Reemz1 Northeast Texas

L3 Coaching Solutions provides life coaching services in effective strategic and related modern methods. Our main focus is to educate and assist college students, veterans and entrepreneurs on methodologies for reaching the high performance model for success. Effectively assist all people that have a desire to identify where they are in life and how they can unlock and perform at their highest level. We work as your partner to develop the best version of you.

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8 Ways to be 10x Better - Self-Improvement pocket and trade book
Published November 21, 2013
8 Ways To Be 10 X Better - Business pocket and trade book
Published January 30, 2013
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