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In this book is a small insight into the lives of my own 22 tarantulas. Even if you're not a spider person, it's worth taking a look just to see what dazzling, colourful species there are out there. Ever seen an electric blue tarantula? You never will unless you take a peek...

Spiders are not the 'big nasty monsters' that people think they are, they have been unfairly portrayed for thousands of years and their numbers decline dramatically as they and their habitats are destroyed daily. Just because we don't appreciate them as much as other endangered animals (e.g. the Bengal Tiger), doesn't mean they don't have the right to have someone speak out for them too.

You won't find this kind of information in animal encyclopedias as not that much research has been published about tarantulas, purely because not much interest is taken in these amazing little dudes! But here you have first hand, in depth information on each species from an experienced hobbyist, over 250 photo's of which all are my own and reliable links and sources if anyone is interested in becoming a tarantula hobbyist.


About the Author

Natasha Harding
Mystic_Spid UK

I am a Tarantula, Music, Movie and Art addict.

I love photography and nature, what a wonderful partnership they have :)

I also love orchestra and movie soundtracks, they make my soul glow <3

In my spare time I like to research about tarantulas and other inverts, paint, play piano and take pictures of my tarantulas.

Chocolate and strawberry cider is also great.

Publish Date  April 02, 2013

Dimensions  Small Square  110 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Pets

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