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Togerville Revisited is a book of photos by four high school age surfers who began hanging out together at the beach near Wilbur Street in San Diego’s Pacific Beach during the summer of 1963. The four, Kenny Brun, his brother Kim, Jim Alexander, and Brad Barrett took up surf photography as a hobby around that time. They all built small darkrooms in the family garage, stocked them with cheap enlargers, chemicals, photographic paper, and other paraphernalia related to processing black-and-white film and making enlargements. The resultant 8x10s were then passed around to friends, or sold to local surfers. Occasionally one of the surf mags of the day would show interest; for a young kid in the early sixties, to be published and paid for snapping pics of your friends when you weren’t surfing yourself was something akin to having Michael Anthony from The Millionaire knock on your door and hand you a big check. The four went mostly unpublished but were undeterred from documenting their favorite pastime. Here is their story in vintage images taken between 1962 and 1967.


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