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A one teacher school, a dusty paddock for a sports/rodeo ground, an artesian borehead, close knit families whose kids love thrashing through the scrub on BMX bikes. That is West Siding, a small settlement in the dusty outback of Australia. Join Rodney, Scott, Kevin, Christine, Jack, their bushmen Dads and long suffering Mums as the West Siding BMXers take on the townies. Enjoy the laconic bushmen's humour, reflected in their sons and the relief of Jack's Mother as she sees her uncoordinated, hyperactive little boy with stars in his eyes.
A few settlements like West Siding still exist. But not as many as previouslya when the railway carried the goods and people across the vast Australian outback regions. Instead of today’s fly-in/fly out workers servicing the maintenance needs of remote areas, the railway had many tiny settlements. The men who maintained the line brought their families to live in railway houses.
The young author based this story on her own experiences. Living in a remote settlement like West Siding, she would hitch a lift with a mail truck to go BMX racing in a large town over 500 kilometres away. The kids of the settlement were keen to race BMX too and after race training on an assortment of bikes in the bush around the settlement, they went to a large town to race and events unfolded out much as in the story.

Kids age 7 to 11null


About the Author

Kylie Reynolds
mulgamarg Australia

Kylie was a bush kid from the far outback of Australia. She loved riding her bicycle on the long distance camping trips - that took us to the next job.. She loved writing stories she could share with other children. Kylie did her schooling by distance education. On our trips (bikes being our only transport ) she did her lessons sitting under any convenient shady shrub . Several times during the long summer school holidays we camped in a city. Here Kylie would get a newspaper delivery round. Kylie wrote “A Bunch of Battlers” based on her experiences in the bush and in the city, “Trekking To The Sunset”, “Rascal” and “Flashing Pedals” are fiction based things that she did.. When Kylie developed a fatal illness she showed great courage, that carried us both through. Kylie asked that I get her stories published so other children could enjoy them. On her website Kylie wrote of “my musings on life, God, poems, ponderings, & thinkings..” Kylie's Mum.

Publish Date  April 17, 2013

Dimensions  Pocket  24 pgs   Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Children

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