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“If we don’t stand united, we will die divided.” –Mina

Rescued by her immortal father, Marcus, Mina and her father must prepare the nations–and themselves–for the coming war between the armies of Light and Darkness.
As Marcus and Mina try in vain to rescue Deborah, Mina’s daughter, from the nation of Dyre, King Meenom is overthrown and executed, but Queen Menys flees with their son, Prince Riyaemon, and takes him to his uncle to be raised in secret under the name “Jabez.” The seven nobles who led the rebellion against Meenom decide to hold a combat tournament to determine the next ruler of the Saluuni Kingdom, and Marcus and Mina barely return home in time to participate in the tournament.
Mina wins the crown and immediately begins preparing her nation, building alliances with the Lyri and the Kwawzan, and fortifying Jeruz-Lem, her capital city. Leading by example, she inspires her people and encourages them to work together regardless of their race, gender, or class. New heroes such as Adrianna, Jabez, and Kohraemon will join Mina’s cause. With her immortal father helping to keep the peace and her ingenious husband and her clever son inventing newer and more powerful weaponry to arm their warriors, they seem ready for anything that could come against them.
However, Daemyien leads an enemy force of 300,000 Dyrin–outnumbering Mina’s 15,000 warriors 20 to 1. She enlists all of her possible allies. Against such long odds, bad blood between some of her own Saluuni and Dyrin citizens, and a treacherous plot by King Valoraam of Lyre, will Queen Mina be able to lead the nations of God to victory, or will the world plummet into darkness?
Join Marcus and Mina on their journey as you witness their faith, courage, leadership, and love for others. Join them on their walks of discipleship, forgiveness, mercy, sacrifice, and perseverance, and continue seeking that which is eternal.


About the Author

Preston Meyers
pmeyers88 Saginaw, Michigan

Publish Date  May 02, 2013

Dimensions  Pocket  286 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Religion & Spirituality

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pmeyers88 says

This is actually the 3rd book of the series. I'm working on re-sizing the first two. They will be released early this fall :)

posted at 04:06am Jul 11 PST

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