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This book, as the title states is about naughty thoughts and polka dots and everything in between. Although, there is not much to do about polka dots. I did not intend to create any sort of rhyme (pun intended) or reason when creating these poems, but rather documenting thoughts as they went through my head. I would think of a word or an event and try to create something from that. I used the paper as my canvas and the words as my paint to come up with each piece. Therefore, little changed from when the words were first written to what you are about to read. I did not want to change the words because it could distort what I was really writing. A good friend once told me that flaws add character; therefore, this book should have a lot of character.
The purpose of this book was to try to get you to experience an array of emotions from each poem. I did not want to write something unexciting that I would not want to read again. There are some poems in this book that are not, lets say, very proper but you should already know that by the title. So I ask to you open up your mind and allow yourself to enjoy some naughty thoughts and polka dots and everything in between.


About the Author

Nicholas Anderson
njanders26 Minneapolis, MN

Publish Date  May 04, 2013

Dimensions  Trade  30 pgs Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Poetry

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