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Transformation captures the turbulent drama of a music celebrity cast on the stage of the music industry. The story chronicles Julius Hendrix's personal struggle between his dedication to service and the seduction of life in the fast lane, the stage light glamour and the dank dark shadows of success.

The steady, rhythmic pulse of God beat loudly within "Drummer Ju" from the day of his conception. He got his first drum set at the age of eight and played professionally at 16. Julius experiences were punctuated by the conflict in his soul between the self-indulgent snares of Rock and Roll and the calling to community service. His 30+ years of experience in the industry revealed to him some remarkable experiences.

His story contains all of the drama of the stark contrast of experiences, managers embezzling money, exploitation by friends and fans, gang violence, crooked cops and a life style of wild and reckless abandon, culminating in redemption. His roller coaster ride sweeps the reader into an empathic journey of trials and tribulations in the fast-paced high life of the music industry. He pulls the reader behind the back stage curtains for a vicarious glimpse of the dark side of the business. His journey back to the path of services engages the reader into a shared reflective muse of self-discovery.

By the grace of God, Julius Caesar Hendrix emerges from the ashes of self-destruction to serve as a reacher, not a preacher, from his drum pulpit. His message to the at-risk kids in the projects of urban America is: “There IS hope from dope. The path of drugs can only lead to three things, institutions, jail and death. I have seen all three.” His message is a message of hope. His vision is a vision of inspiration for those who have the passion and desire in their heart to do something meaningful with their lives. His intent is to ignite the latent courage that burns in the souls of all men, the courage to make a difference in the world. He invites families and social services to believe in themselves and to work together to effect positive change in their communities.

“We have to take a stand, get involved and put a stop to the dangerous pollutants in our children’s lives. Our children cannot afford for us to put it off until we have time to get around to it. We certainly can’t wait around for the government to do something about it. We seemed to have forgotten that “we the people” are responsible for what happens to us in this society.”

Julius story provides a rich thought provoking perspective on the world that many of us pretend not to see. He encourages us to pick up the gauntlet to effect change in our communities and make a real and sustainable difference in the lives of our children. He challenges the reader to activism and encourages the reader to become involved in the restoration of hope in their communities and in the lives of their children.

He challenges communities to take arms against the daily acts of violence and terrorism that is ravaging the streets of urban America every day. Thousands of Americans are being murdered every day by the plague of drugs and crime in our streets.

“It is a shame that we needed a disaster like 911 to remind people how precious life is. Life is uncertain. Children in our inner cities live with uncertainty every day. We can transform the environment that our children live in. We can transform their future from despair and resignation to hope and prosperity.

Join Julius Caesar Hendrix on this incredible journey of hope and inspiration over the bridge of tribulation. Join him in his quest of self-discovery and triumph. His story is the story being retold by thousands of lost souls every day city in the U.S. The horror of his experience of addiction and homelessness is a fear that stalks the neighborhoods of our inner cities every night. His experience of hope, inspiration and transformation is a universal experience that everyone can relate to. There Is No Hope in Dope.


About the Author

Robert McGinnis
robertmcginn Minneapolis, MN
Robert E. McGinnis is a professor at St. Leo University and Keiser College. Dr. McGinnis has a Ph.D. in Information Technology from the Union Institute University in Cincinnati OH and a MBA from Eastern New Mexico University. He has also written a biography of Julius Caesar Hendrix, the drummer of "Special Edition" which was published in 2007. Transformation: Drums of Thunder captures the turbulent drama of life in the R&B fast lane, which weaves in and out of the stage light glamor and the dark shadows of success. Dr. McGinnis has also published a non-fiction publication, titled “Key Success Factors of Human-Computer Interface” published in 2004.

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