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Sense Out aims to be a visual investigation of language. It is clear how, in every field, articulated and complex individual thought is converted into a language that is frequently susceptible to bad interpretation. Whilst this undesired effect at times is due to a weak expressive capacity or to a lack of lexical wealth, on other occasions it is the instrument of language itself that is found to be erroneous and inaccurate.
The tendency of the new society to run an increasingly stressed and fast life leads to the rapid mutation of language, which we are witnessing every day on the web or on our mobile phones. Language still remains our only channel of communication within the community. We would like it to be precise, appropriate, unequivocal. I have noticed how museums, the greatest fonts of knowledge, often prove to be incapable of performing their role as cultural intermediaries between the creators and the public. Whilst in a continuous attempt to render implicit messages in works of art intelligible, they end up acting solely as a container.
In my work writing and signs form a new level on the photographs of museum spaces. The audience experiences this lack of intermediation with frustration and considers contemporary art as incomprehensible, unrea- chable, albeit packed with content. The prediction of a lack of comprehension is suspected, to the point of curiosity waning a priori and feeling entitled to give up. This difficult flow of the content of art towards the visitor is due, on the one hand, to the inappropriate language of the system of art and on the other, to the resigned attitude of an ever less stimulated audience.


About the Author

max tomasinelli
maxtom71 Località, Provincia/Stato, Paese

Nato nel 1971 a Torino max tomasinelli è fotografo e artista. Già all’età di 17 anni iniziano le prime sperimentazioni fotografiche, accanto ai collage e alle stesure di brevi racconti. Nel 1995 l’incontro e l’amicizia con André Villers lo convincono a dedicarsi completamente alla fotografia. Lavora come assistente in Italia e in Germania. Si diploma a Milano all’Istituto Italiano di Fotografia e nel 1999, apre il proprio studio fotografico.
Molte pubblicazioni in campo editoriale e pubblicitario. Incarichi da parte di importanti aziende e università (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Nel 2005 a New York fotografa molti artisti di fama mondiale, tra cui Louise Bourgeois, Dennis Oppenheim, James Rosenquist, Daniel Buren. In questo periodo nasce “Sense Out”, che verrà presentato nel 2008 al Museo di Fotografia di Mougins. Ritratto, collage e rapporto tra linguaggio e fotografia. (Sublim-azioni; Sense Out; Molteplici Unici) costituiscono il focus del suo lavoro.

Publish Date  May 08, 2013

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Category  Fine Art Photography

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