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Inverno Veneziano: wintry wanderings from dawn to dusk in the chilly, foggy, drafty and almost deserted canals, calli, campi, bridges and isles of the Serenissima.
A large format (8"x10") coffee table book, 130 pages, featuring 88 amazing views of Venice and the Venetian Lagoon.

In winter, Venice shows what is probably its genuine face. With most of the noisy crowd of tourist reduced to just a handful of true Venice's lovers, the beauties of the Serenissima are more readily appreciated. No noise, no waiting, lower prices, slower paces.

Moreover, you can even meet true Venetians in winter, a people you would tell as extinguished in every other period of the year. Which is a blessing, if your aim as a visitor is to live the town from its very inside rather than to merely scratch its ready-made-for-tourist gleaming surface.

For photographers, there are a few more advantages.
In winter days the sun seems never to rise, rather it remains quite low above the horizon line and somewhat its light is scattered in the sky, as if it was shining through a window of polished glass or alabaster, and the shadows are as long as church aisles.
Sunrises last for ages, and so do sunsets. It is breathtaking just staring at this glorious representation, watching the sun while it slowly emerges from or dives into the pale green waters of the lagoon, peeping every now and then through layers of bold rainy clouds at the horizon and casting its faint rays on the facades of palaces and churches.
And then, totally unexpected, the sky breaks for a moment, and the lagoon is suddenly flooded with a magnificent warm light.
Photographically speaking, these are the best conditions you could hope for, if you are looking for those moody and mysterious atmospheres you had always dreamed of, when thinking of Venice.
There are only eight hours of daylight in winter in Venice, but every minute carries with it infinite opportunities for a trained eye.

This is not, of course, an exhaustive treaty on Venice and its innumerable beauties; it is rather a diary of my wanderings about the Serenissima and the Venetian Lagoon in wintertime, visually documented by a fine selection of the best pictures I took within two long stays there in 2009 and 2012 and a few other shorter trips.

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About the Author

Paolo De Faveri
pdefaveri Turin, Italy.

I am an italian landscape photographer and I live in the country side not far from Turin in Piedmont, North west of Italy.
The area where I live is a land where nature shows its beauty in many different and constantly changing ways.
Piedmont is a region offering uncountable photographic subjects that I depict with a serene, intimate style.
I shoot primarily around dawn and sunset, when light is at its best, and when hard or somehow unusual weather conditions contribute to provide the scene with unique drama and mood, pursuing the aim of depicting the innermost beauty of nature by focusing on its essential elements of colours, patterns and textures.

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