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When you look out into the rain, what do you see? Sometimes you don’t see much because the water is running down the window partially obscuring the view. But if you could see, really see, close up when the raindrops hit the pavement, fall into a puddle or a pond, what would you see?
That is what I wanted to explore and this small book serves as a window to the wonderful microcosm of unbelievable and beautiful shapes that I found. Here you will see what happens when one or two drops of water collide with each other and with the surface of a puddle. Multiply this with the number of drops of rain and try to comprehend how many millions of extraordinary and unique shapes are created by something as simple as raindrops falling from the sky….


About the Author

Danny Portnoy

Artist's Statement
Photography can be many things. To some it is a form of expression, to others a means of documentation. I use photography as a means to communicate to others my interpretation of the world around me.

A picture should provoke a feeling. With each photograph I make, my final goal is to create an image that conveys what I sensed and felt and what made me want to press the shutter release to capture that fleeting moment in time or place.

Shooting the picture is often only the start of the creative process. Although I generally do not add or remove anything significant from my pictures, I use many digital imaging techniques to enrich and enhance the final image to mirror my personal impressions and feelings towards the subject.

Seeing and being aware of your surroundings serves as the foundation of my photography. All you have to do is look and I’m always looking.

Born 1943 in Finland. Moved to Israel in 1962. Lives in Switzerland and Israel since 1987.

Publish Date  May 11, 2013

Dimensions  Small Square  32 pgs   Premium Paper, lustre finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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