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In the beginning of 2008 I acquired my first Ball Jointed Fashion doll, it awoke a past love of photography that has culminated in a body of work presented here.


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George G
georgeg Canandaigua, NY

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DreamJob4Me says

It is obvious by George's photos and the way he brings the subject matter to life in his shots that his passion for photography and his dolls are intertwined. I've been so influenced by his sharing of his lovely photography that; #1 I have been so enabled to buy more dolls than I thought I would and #2 I believe my own photo techniques have improved ten-fold! Good luck to you George...I'm keeping my fingers n toes crossed for you!! Cherylann

posted at 12:49pm Aug 05 PST


Oscar-conker says

I don´t like big dolls but he made me love them!!!


posted at 06:54pm Jul 28 PST


monbarbie says

He is passion, details, double sense, pepper and salt... he makes these girls come to live, such a divine life.... great friend, dealer, photographer, person... long etc
que mas se puede decir un ARTISTAZO!!!!


posted at 06:48pm Jul 28 PST


jancarmen says

Not only is George a FANTASTIC photographer, he's also a wonderful doll dealer to do business with! Never have I ever experienced such quality and service! George does EVERYTHING with excellence, passion and vision! A true artist. I hope to see more work for him and his passion flourish beyond his wildest dreams!
J. Kaufman

posted at 07:06pm Jul 26 PST


loriindenver says

Just eye candy! To know George is to love him, but to see his ability behind the lens is to envy him! Wow a wonderful table book to tease the mind about what the dolls really do when the lights go out in NYC

posted at 11:55am Jul 25 PST


GitaByte says

Absolutely Gorgeous photography. I have been mesmerized by George's so very distinctive photo's, which bring forth such incredible mood and nuance. I had no idea that he has collected his photos into a book. This is just such an amazing and intimate collection. I too hope he wins People's Choice. This is an utterly unique and soulfully intimate body of work.
Wow! - Gita

posted at 10:08am Jul 25 PST


twilighttwin says

George's photography has always been Outstanding. He makes the plainest of dolls look like a million bucks and from that , has made people purchase dolls that they would normally not be interested in at all. He's a real genius with the camera lens. I hope he wins this award as he is So Deserving of it.

posted at 06:29pm Jul 24 PST

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