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Marketers, your not sure why people think of Graphic Designer and Marketer as interchangeable titles, but on occasion you have been asked to develop a brochure or small advertisement. You haven't been trained in the elements of design and you know virtually nothing about the Adobe Creative Suite, but that creative spirit inside you refused to let that get in your way and you march on. While you are excited to have a tangible piece of work that you did, your final product looks less than professional. With a basic understanding of typography, you can develop a final product you can be proud of. This book was made just for you. It is written from the perspective of things you are familiar with and reviews aspects of typography you never knew existed. Think of it as your crash course in typography from a Marketer turned Designer. While it will not make you an expert, it will certainly give you a better grasp on what makes for good design.


About the Author

Kaylene Thompson
kaylenet Westminster, CO

Designer + Marketer, Kaylene Thompson, fuses a rich understanding of both disciplines to offer conceptually rich design solutions. Her understanding and practice of marketing strategy contributes to solutions that visually connect with customers to present a consistent and effective marketing message. With four years of experience as a Sales Manager at one of the most recognized Fortune 100 companies, Kaylene brings a distinct level of professionalism to her work. With a background grounded in business development, Kaylene begins every project with research to ensure the final product connects with the desired audience.

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