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Take a voyage across the ocean or a trip down a highway filled with lightening bolts of energy. Your travel guide into the unconscious spirit of vision, Birgit Zartl's new photography book "The Moon Will Show You." Its illuminations accompanythe journey, leading the way, an exploration of visions and beauty.
Each image, are detailed snapshots of fog shrouded paths, quiet landscapes and waterways far from the beaten roads and crossed rivers.
Pull up your chair close and stare intently at the hidden views, stories and places spread through these misty depictions - Lost in saturated visions of a world on a string, where electricity is charged and the sky dips deep down into the earth.
"The Moon Will Show You" takes off where Birgit's paintings may have left you, on the edge of that secret place you have always desired to go. She works in multiple images, ending with a unique collage like feel, where objects appear and disappear into each other. A Pop Art sensibility, with an European twist. Culture wrapped in stills from the long strange trip we are all on.
Altering, manipulating and combining images she photographed in Wales, Scotland and the streets of Vienna, and impressions taken in California all ending in a unique finish.
You will witness deep shadowed seas along the Pacific and forested foggy mysteries observed from an adventure Alice may have taken in Wonderland. In a series of works, Birgit collaborates with California painter Mark Erickson. The series encompasses two cultures seamlessly entwined, two minds assembled into one story-line. A place where Europa blends with
a western culture slammed up against the Pacific Ocean in complete psychedelic happenstance.
The soundtrack to "The Moon Will Show You" could be the song "Tomorrow Never Knows," but for all we know tomorrow will bring the light of day reflected against the obscured sightings of these perceptions on flight.


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birgit zartl

Publish Date  November 19, 2008

Dimensions  Small Square  34 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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