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No matter where you have been what would you like to feel now? Not only is it possible to experience feeling your power, confidence, joy and happiness right now but it is something you can easily align with over and over. True empowerment and feeling good arises from within, which is great news because what you think and therefore feel is really the only thing that you have any control over. Within the pages of You, the Confident, Empowered Woman you’ll discover just how powerful you are, at a whole new level. Expect to feel much better, with crystal clear clarity and unshakable knowing. Be prepared for your life to become a lot more easier and relaxed, yet much more satisfying.

From Izabella’s decade of one-on-one facilitation of life-transforming mental and emotional wellness retreats predominantly with women, this book now offers you the same effective, transformative, simple yet reproducible methods for shifting into living the fullness of who you really are. You will continue to evolve but now with love, spark, inspiration and joy. You’ll also benefit significantly from Izabella’s personal journey and dedication to living a life of passion, purpose and play in a way that activates You, the Confident, Empowered Woman.


About the Author

Natural Attitudes
naturalattit Australia

Izabella Siodmak inSpires you to live your greatest joy, so you can delight in who you really are. She provides you with access to some of the most effective tried and tested resources to manage and maintain your mental & emotional wellbeing.

As a multi-modality therapist, author and inspirational uplifter, she is available for therapeutic sessions as well as speaking engagements. Her therapeutic health retreat centre founded in 2003 offers you an exceptional and highly effective holistic one-on-one journey to your reconnection, peace & wellness.

True empowerment comes from within and Izabella Siodmak uplifts and inspires you to your empowered essence now through her latest book ‘confident empowered woman’s inSpirations’.

You may also like to enjoy the full journey to your emPowerment as a woman with insights, stories & practical exercises adapted from her famous mental and emotional wellness retreat programmes, found in her accompanying book ‘You, The Confident Empowered Woman.'

Publish Date  May 22, 2013

Dimensions  Pocket  262 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Self-Improvement

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