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please use caution when reading ANYTHING about johnny opium. some topics are not suitable for the light reader. parents, do not let your daughters buy this book! ;)


travel-reading should be more than fun! it should be an adventure!! here. we. go...


TRAVELING BEARD is an inspirational novel of a young American writer, Johnny Opium, who discovers the excitements in long-term travel. Sleeper trains and foreign cultures force him to constantly revaluate his understandings of reality. Unexpected episodes of wrong trains, third-world countries, over-consumption of alcohol and sex in shared hostel rooms are survived to keep his spirits high. But new adventures are not far away to again challenge his emotional self. The inspiration from his success presents him with the desire to share his story.

After completion of university in Amsterdam, Johnny finds himself a month later writing about his travels at his new residence in Split, Croatia. His loneliness from constant traveling of Eastern Europe does find him seeking friendship from old hibernating companions. Weeks have gone by without shaving and Johnny becomes quite familiar with his beard. When he overhears conversations only audible to him, Johnny realizes his bodies-of-hair, too, have personalities of their own. Beard and his friends, Harry, head hair, Chase, chest hair, and Richy, pubic hair, help Johnny recenter his mind and strengthen his spirit.


“Where My Mustache Took Me” is an inspirational short story that preludes my unpublished novel, Traveling Beard. In “Where my…,” Johnny Opium discovers the complexities of unprepared moving to a foreign city. Toronto, Ontario is not as exotic of a location as Split, Croatia (the location where Johnny wrote Traveling Beard) but the problems he has to overcome are similar.

Hassles with airport immigration, trying to find a room for rent, and discovering situations are best solved with observant optimism, Johnny overcomes his current attempt at making his name known in the literary world.


TRAVELING BEARD is a novel about travel-writing. “Where My Mustache Took Me” is a short story about escaping it.

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johnny opium
thomasivoryj toronto, ontario, canada
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Publish Date  November 24, 2008

Dimensions  Pocket  234 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Travel

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