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“I took part of my last and first name and created ‘Gar-Sot’ in 1995 to symbolize a neutral entity for humanity. I wish for my art to be an expression of my name and inspire our World for a better tomorrow..”

Spanning over half a century of paintings, sculptures, architecture and mixed media work, Sotirios Gardiakos opens “Garsot Arts Gallery” in Dec. 2012 here in Chicago’s historic Greektown West Loop district.Born 1943 in Filiatra Greece and inspired at age 3 from his father's drawings, this legendary Greek artist and master surrealist has completed thousands of original, technically beautiful and optimistically moving artworks. In 2013, his series of ‘organics’ showcases an exciting new style of abstracts and complex syntheses never before seen by the artist.

Garsot artworks can be found throughout the Mediterranean, South Africa, South America and North America.

For more information on Garsot please stop by our Gallery. We are located across from the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago's Greektown West Loop district.

“Beauty and truth will be forever victorious through the arts, for the glory of humanity.” -'Garsot'

Artists Message:

"I love what I'm doing. My message is that my art is a way to transmit some poisitive messages to people. My art is not political. Mostly, it is about how important a clean, healthy environment and state of mind is to our Earth and the human race. That's why I express this in my paintings, in realistic images or through surreal expression. Elements of surreal and real are related. In my artwork, they talk to each other and together they form a unique expression and themes that inspire an optimistic feeling. I'd love my art to be a substitute for medicine. I'd like anyone who sees my artwork to say, 'Yes! Today is a wonderful day!'

I'm sure that I'm doing something good for humanity through my work. I don't know if I'm changing the history of Art for more or less an inch, but I love what I'm doing. I love people and I'd like to create anything that will make everyone feel good for a better tomorrow."


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Publish Date  July 07, 2013

Dimensions  Standard Landscape  56 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art

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