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“Wham! The pink feed bucket went flying through the air and landed at Skye’s feet with a resounding thud. Nudging it away from his own food Skye looked up and saw Teddy staring at him intently; this was becoming a morning routine that Skye was not at all sure he liked. “What’s up this time Teddy?” Skye asked, trying hard to be patient. “This food doesn’t taste right Skye” the young pony responded, “and Disa is eating her hay in MY spot, and what’s more my tummy hurts, and…. well, things just don’t feel right today!” He finished with a loud snort. ”
After losing his best friend nothing feels right for Teddy, or for any of the other horses who loved Cutie so much. How can they hold on to him now he is no longer with them?
As science tells us that attachment is our preeminent need as human beings, facing separation from our attachments presents the preeminent threat and, many experts believe, underlies most of the challenges facing our children today. This gentle story explores a six stage model of attachment, firmly grounded in attachment theory and developmental science. As the horses find varying and ever more secure ways to ‘hold on’ to their dear friend, parents and counsellors can help children who have also experienced or face separation to both feel close to those they are missing, and to process the feelings of loss.


About the Author

Sue McIntosh
SueMcIntosh Cremona, AB, Canada
Sue McIntosh is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and nationally recognised and certified trainer in Animal assisted therapy (AAT) and Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW). Sue has operated Healing Hooves in Alberta, Canada since 2000, a counselling program with a difference. Sue is also a homeschooling mother of two and works with other parents and caregivers to support them in raising their children in developmentally informed and attachment friendly ways. Sue uses lots of stories in her work and is starting to be persuaded to share these stories with a wider audience. Sue has also written a large collection of training materials for caregivers and professionals interested in the fields of AAT and EFW, some of which are also available for purchase.

Publish Date  July 08, 2013

Dimensions  Trade  20 pgs Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Children

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