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The third book in the Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity series.

First edition hardback. Limited to 50 copies.

"Around seventeen years ago I stumbled upon a semi-hidden world which only truly came alive well after midnight and which existed in the heart of London.

"It was a place and time inhabited by characters who could have tumbled from films of their own making, a sideways glance at a reimagined indefinable past; a world of modern day spivs, foot-high quiffs, lizard skin-lined cars, tooting saxophones, unlicensed speakeasies and sharp suits.

"More than a decade later I began to revisit my old haunts and companions.

"The Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity series of books was the result, which this book is part of; a tribute to this world where I spent some of my youth and also a photographic soundtrack to the imaginary film it inspired and which has played behind my eyes ever since - an attempt to capture my own particular Soho of the mind.

"In this book are some of the people who created the music which accompanied that film and for that I can but thank them.

"The book features:
Gallon Drunk (Terry Edwards, James Johnston, Ian White)
Grinderman (Nick Cave, Martyn P. Casey, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos)
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
Michael J. Sheehy
Nina Nastasia
Stuart Staples/Tindersticks
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster (Guy Knight)
The Flaming Stars (Max Decharne, Joe Whitney, Huck Whitney, Mark Hosking, Paul Dempsey)
Michael J. Sheehy/Miraculous Mule
Billy Childish
Sons & Daughter (Adele Bethele and Scot Patterson).

"And you couldn't ask for a finer suave but crumpled, one over the eight, long after midnight soundtrack than that.

"Thankyou good sirs and madams."

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Stephen Prince, July 2013

Published by Little Corners Publishing.


About the Author

Stephen Prince
stprince United Kingdom

Alongside making the Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity books I've had something of an eclectic work life, mostly in and around left-of centre pop culture. This has included:

1) Running and designing independent/subcultural clothing labels which were featured in everything from Vogue to Skin Two and worn by a curious selection of folk from Naomi Campbell to Dee Dee Ramone

2) Being the co-proprietor of the Last Chance Saloon shop/gallery, which included exhibitions by Billy Childish, Vince Ray, Coop and Frank Kozik and a group show featuring work by Shepard Fairy, Banksy and Pete Fowler.

3) Putting on the club nights/music events Sound Effects and Home Taping Is Killing Music, which included appearances by Ladytron, Peaches, Adult., Chicks On Speed and The Cramps.

4) Making merchandise/websites/photography for all kinds of creative folk including Holly Golightly, Radiohead and Terry Edwards.


More information can be found at my main website:

Publish Date  July 12, 2013

Dimensions  Trade  80 pgs Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Arts & Photography


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