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The first book in the Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity series.

First edition hardback. Limited to 50 copies.

“Around seventeen years ago I stumbled upon a semi-hidden world which only truly came alive well after midnight and which existed in the heart of London.

“It was a place and time inhabited by characters who could have tumbled from films of their own making, a sideways glance at a reimagined indefinablepast; a world of modern day spivs, foot-high quiffs, lizard skin-lined cars, tooting saxophones, unlicensed speakeasies and sharp suits.

"More than a decade later I began to revisit my old haunts and companions.

“The Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity series of books was the result, which this book is part of; a tribute to a world where I spent some of my youth and also a photographic soundtrack to the imaginary film it inspired and which has played behind my eyes ever since - an attempt to capture my own particular Soho of the mind.”

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Stephen Prince, July 2013

Published by Little Corners Publishing.
ISBN 978-0-9574007-3-3


About the Author

Stephen Prince
stprince United Kingdom

Alongside making the Afterhours Sleaze and Dignity books I've had something of an eclectic work life, mostly in and around left-of centre pop culture. This has included:

1) Running and designing independent/subcultural clothing labels which were featured in everything from Vogue to Skin Two and worn by a curious selection of folk from Naomi Campbell to Dee Dee Ramone

2) Being the co-proprietor of the Last Chance Saloon shop/gallery, which included exhibitions by Billy Childish, Vince Ray, Coop and Frank Kozik and a group show featuring work by Shepard Fairy, Banksy and Pete Fowler.

3) Putting on the club nights/music events Sound Effects and Home Taping Is Killing Music, which included appearances by Ladytron, Peaches, Adult., Chicks On Speed and The Cramps.

4) Making merchandise/websites/photography for all kinds of creative folk including Holly Golightly, Radiohead and Terry Edwards.


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Publish Date  July 12, 2013

Dimensions  Trade  114 pgs   Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Arts & Photography


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