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About the Book: Two couples, young people in love, live far apart from each other. Both start life with confidence and enthusiasm in their hearts. The couples marry. They set forth on careers and vacations that will take them to different lifestyles.

One couples choices lead them to the country, the other to the seashore. In remote mountains on the shore of Woe-Bee-Gone Lake and the water off the Florida west coast, they find adventure and mysteries.

In far reaching series of events, they make new friends, and discover new relatives.

Their lives change dramatically as each couple seeks for clues to solve the mysterious tragedy of death, love, and ghost.

Then to be deeply saddened as they face the anguish of two young people of the past.

Solving the mysteries takes them into the lore of pirates buried treasure, death, and life.


About the Author

zeoper Sarasota, Florida <> United States of America


The author’s first attempt at writing poetry was when in high school, at the encouragement of an English literature teacher, Mrs. Nellie Hart. Now retired he has written ten Poetic Imagery books, one short story satire, one mystery novel, ‘Mystery of Woe-Bee-Gone Lake’ and is currently writing a novel about growing up in the forties and fifties.

Publish Date  July 12, 2013

Dimensions  Trade  438 pgs Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Mystery & Crime

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