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This project was born from the idea that finally after five years, I wanted to document and share my experience of living with cancer in the form of a book. MILESTONE is not a journal, but it does contain extracts from my personal diary which started on Tuesday 24th July 2007 – the day I began Chemotherapy. The contents of that diary have never been seen before, by anyone. In most parts, the content of this book is structured in a sequential time-line, beginning with my diagnosis, and runs through a series of emotional responses, random thoughts and feelings throughout my treatment and recovery. As the title suggests, this is a milestone, both in terms of my well being and my practice as a designer. I have written, typeset, explored and experimented with many kinds of visual devices to represent the emotional journey I had to take (and to some extent still do so today). It acknowledges the aesthetics and expressive possibilities of typography and digital imagery. I hope it goes beyond just letter forms to explore how words and images interact to create a new language of communication. The spirit within the work is a personal reaction to my experience, a spirit which I hope will make you laugh, cry, understand, empathise and enjoy my story.


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