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I rarely use travel guides! I don’t like the instructional character of those books. For my travels I try to use references from movies, novels, songs, news and of course, random stories. A great influence for my travelling and the idealism that I constructed around it, were the comic albums I was reading since very young: the travels of Asterix from Goscinny and Uderzo and the adventures of Tintin from Hergé.

My star sign, I was told, dictates that I should stay my home and loathe travelling!
When I travel with my camera, this familiar dark box with the selective shutter creates an illusion of home. The fear of the unknown gets overtaken by the yearning of the explorer.

I had been travelling with photography for many years and I was accumulating photographs. I needed a good starting point in organising my fabrication.

The idea behind the eleven photographs came when I was waiting for the Wide Views of Physical Places to be printed and phrased to a friend my reservations on having eleven photographs in printed for that show. Fortunately my friend had a good knowledge of Numerology and impressed me explaining the significance of the number eleven. Subsequently, I did my research and out of pages and pages of classifications devoted to eleven I found my favourite: “eleven is the first number which cannot be represented by a human counting his or her eight fingers and two thumbs additively, and actually requires as an alternative for the human to count additively including the toes”.

Nevertheless I had the focal point for the organisation of this project.

Eleven travels with eleven photographs each.
It took more than a year to put everything together and produce the eleven booklets.

1_American Photographs,
2_Turkey in the light,
3_In Portugal,
4_Bohemian Photographs,
5_Sicilian Summer,
6_Around the Baltic Sea,
7_In the Land of the Finns,
8_Trip to Iceland,
9_Polish Work,
10_About Spain,
11_From Berlin.

( All 11 booklets are available from my blurb shop)

The common coefficient in each book is the story of my journey. I decided I will have freedom on my viewing angle; landscape together with portrait, close up next to street photography, black and white along with colour, all in a unity facilitated by the choice of the prime (non-dividable) number eleven.

A retrospective, 10 years of journey, like a fictitious contact sheet.

The final state of this project was to compile all the booklets together, along with an introduction written by Anurag Jain, in one book, called 11x11.

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About the Author

Thanasis Lomef Zacharopoulos
lomef London, UK

Thanasis Lomef Zacharopoulos was born in the small town of Xanthi in north Greece.
In 1990 a New Years Eve was initiated to the secrets of aperture and shutter speed, and the experimentation with photography started.
Soon, discovered that both his grand father Nestor Lomef and his great uncle Dimitrios Zacharopoulos were taking photographs already in the 30s.
Using that as an alibi started to spend his evenings in the (converted wardrobe) dark room.

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klairi says

Beautiful photographs!

posted at 03:13am Aug 17 PST

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