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It isn't what I expected, though this is what it turned to become. I see a maze of fascination, discovery, illusions, and dreams! Thankful to no longer be stuck in some of those mixed up & crazy places. They were necessary to the journey, and one must continually strive to Rise above and Accept the required steps needed for the climb. It isn't easy, though each challenge is intended to propel us onward; go far far higher than we could possibly know. Gather up Psalm Delight to carry with you. And, while you're at it, insist on finding Psalm Joy & Peace. Trust me, no matter the amount of effort life demands we put forth, it is all in the name of Psalm Love for Eternity, and definitely most amazingly worth the price only we alone must pay. May we each find the capacity to excel as we strive to pay those dues*


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mj petrucci

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I started writing in 1997. Not that I wanted to write; I always had other plans! Life ..where was it leading? I found myself doing anything that would keep me from slipping back into the superficial existence I felt trapped in. I needed something more, something that would provide greater freedom to be myself; something both fascinating and meaningful.
I was determined to never again trap myself, determined to never again lose myself at the sake of my own individualality. Truth inspired me, depth inspired me; Color, creativity, and imagination intrigued me. Where would I find what I searched for?
I waited and wondered, keeping up with the pace of what needed to be done. To keep myself busy I began putting my mother's writings from her many journals into books bound with ribbon. Little did I know I was a writer in training. My own heart eventually opened up to a new world; a world full of truth, creativity, and dreams! Writing takes me as far as I am willing to travel!

Publish Date  August 13, 2013

Dimensions  Small Square  130 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Biographies & Memoirs

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